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Yohaan Leathers uses the collected information for online orders by using transaction details, contact details, and location details. Your usage data help us to improve Yohaan Leathers services. Once you sign up, your data will be collected and stored in the database. This data will help us provide you the customer support and notify you of new features and services. You can also get the latest update and information about upcoming deals, jackets, and sales as we guide our customers for the best of our services via the contact details they provide.

Yohaan Leathers Store needs all this information as part of its service. We check whether the product is sent by the right customer or not. We use your postal/zip code to refund your payment after receiving the product undamaged or unspoiled. The street address helps us trace whether we send our product to that location or not. We use your email address to inform you that we have received the item and allow you to replace it with any other product you need. After providing such information, you can give us the reason for returning the product in the return form. Below this, you have to provide the explanation or details of the items being returned by you.

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